Critical Response Training Group

CRitical response training group


CRTG is your all in one CPR, First Aid, Security, Safety and emergency plaining agency.


The goal of the Critical Incident Response Team (C.I.R.T.) Program is to train teams of co-workers in emergency preparedness alloing them to control and emergency until professional help arrives. C.I.R.T. members learn valuable skills which allows them to identify & manage emergent situations involving suspicious packages, hazardous materials, fire, emergency medical operations and more.

Utilizing classroom training and hands one exercises, C.I.R.T. members can assist others in their workplace following an event when professional responders are not immeditely available to help. C.I.R.T. members also are encouraged to support emergency response agencies by taking a more active role in emergency preparedness projects in their workplace.

Unit 1. Disaster Preparedness (3 hours) Topics include: identifying local disaster threats, disaster impact, building evacuation, mitigation and preparedness concepts, and overview of C.I.R.T.

Unit 2. Fire Safety (4 hours): Students learn about fire chemistry, mitigation practices, suppression options, and are introduced to the concept of "size-up". Hands-on skills include fire extinguisher training utilizing our BullEx Digital Fire Training System.

Unit 3. Advanced Threat Assessment (4 hours): Participants will be provided with an in-depth understanding of dangers of explosives and improvised explosive devices (IED's). Guidelines for proper response to these incidents are presented to better prepare team members to detect and respond to a threat.

Unit 4. First Responder Certification (20 hours): Topics will include patient assessment, medical emergencies, respiratory & cardiac emergencies, musculoskeletal injuries, and treatment of burns. Students will also be CPR certified.

Unit 5. Hazardous Materials Safety (2 hours): Students will learn safety precautions for existing hazardous materials int eh workplace as well as procedures for managing possible issues such as biological/radiological threats via mail.

Unit 6. Crisis De-escalation (3 hours): Our trained staff will provide your personnel with the necessary skills to handle potentially volatile situations before they escalate out of control. Lear verbal as well as body positioning techniques to handle confrontational situations.

Unit 7. Course Review and Disaster Simulation (4 hours): Students take a written exam, and then participate in a real time piratical disaster simulation where the different skill areas are put to the test. A critique follows the exercise where students and instructors have an opportunity to learn from mistakes and highlight exemplary actions. Students may be given a certification of completion at the conclusion of the course.

Critical Incident Response Team



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Critical Response Training Group