Critical Response Training Group

CRitical response training group


CRTG is your all in one CPR, First Aid, Security, Safety and emergency plaining agency.



     Bar, Night Club, & Restaurant Security Training

Let our consultants train your personnel and provide them with the knowledge and skills to handle themselves and others. We can provide training for doormen, bouncers  and all other staff. Learn how to handle potential volatile situations before they get out of control. Minimize your establishments risk of liability due to overzealous security personnel. Call us for more details.


     Verbal De-Escalation Techniques

Let our trained staff provide your personnel with the necessary skills to handle potentially volatile situations before they escalate out of control. Learn verbal as well as body positioning techniques to handle confrontational situations. Contact us to speak with one of our professionals.


     SAFE Practical-Tactical Training

This training can be provided for individuals or groups. It can be done at our training center or at your facilities. This technique is a hands on practical approach to a physical attack. These techniques provide gross motor skills in conjunction with proven defensive tactical maneuvers. This training is available for both men and women.


     Weapons Disarming Techniques

This is a serious military based training that deals specifically with the disarming of lethal weapons such as knives and handguns. Our typical clients include law enforcement, military personnel, correctional officers, private investigators, protection specialists, as well as other individuals interested in or requiring this type of training. This training can be done in groups or one-on-one. Contact us to speak with one of our training instructors.



Consultation & Risk Assessment


     Corporate Risk Assessment

Our trained staff is ready to discuss your particular needs with regard to corporate risk assessments either from a companywide perspective or on an individual basis. Contact us to discuss your particular requirements


     Architectural Risk & Security

The best time to think about security and risk is at the ground level. If your organization is in the process of a constructing a new facility or your needs are for a pre-existing site, contact the professionals at Eagle Personal Protection to assist you.


     Individual Executive Risk

We can provide consulting with regard to individual risk assessments. If you are concerned that a threat exists for executives or other key personnel take a moment to speak with us.


     Investigative Services

We can provide a wide range of investigative and surveillance services, all very discreet and professional. The following is only a small sample of some of the services we can offer litigation support, financial investigations, patent infringement, corporate fraud, background verifications and checks as well as a wide range of surveillances services. Call to speak with one of our professionals.


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Critical Response Training Group